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Minecraft 1.18 Ore Generation + Mining Tips

World generation has changed massively in 1.18, the Caves and Cliffs 2 update for Minecraft. Beyond changing how the overworld looks, this update also overhauled the ore generation patterns. This article will serve as an overview of the changes to the ore generation patterns, and how you can make the most of mining in the new update.

Ore Distribution Chart

Courtesy of Minecraft developer @henrikkniberg on Twitter.

The new ore distribution chart illustrates how much more nuanced the ore generation patterns are in 1.18 versus previous versions of Minecraft.

Best Levels for Mining

Here are some recommended Y levels to maximize your mining efforts in 1.18.

Mining for diamonds

In previous versions of Minecraft, the general consensus was that level 11 was the best for strip mining diamonds. This is because diamonds spawned at level 16 and below, and mining at level 11 means that lava pools would be at foot level, making the task less dangerous.

In 1.18, lava pools form at Y -56. Stay above this level to avoid the headache of mining into lava.

Best level: Y -54

My recommendation is -54. At this level you will still find plenty of diamonds, while also avoiding most of the danger of the lava pools. Consider spacing strip mines further than two blocks apart to avoid mining into the same veins twice.

Mining for iron

Best level: Y 16

To maximize your iron returns, mine at or around 16. Exploring caves around this level can be profitable, as iron does not have a reduced chance of spawning when exposed to air, unlike diamonds.

Mining for redstone

Best level: bottom of the world

Redstone spawns most frequently at the lowest level of the world. To find the most redstone ore, your best bet is to search the absolute bottom of the world.

Mining for multiple ores

There are a few interesting levels where you can find high amounts of multiple ores. Mining and exploring at these levels can be especially profitable if you are looking for more than one type of ore.

  • Y -16 : At this level you can find a decent amount of diamonds and iron. Additionally, you will be able to find You can also find gold, lapis, and redstone at this level, making it an ideal hybrid level.
  • Y 32 : This is a good depth to search for coal and copper. Both are prevalent at this level, in addition to some iron. Large veins of copper will be present at this level as well.

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